Granted unprecedented access to unpublished materials, Neri has unearthed truth and beauty for contemporary moviegoers and readers.




Feature Length SCREENPLAY, Period Romance|Historical Drama

Logline: “Legendary Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett blames herself for her family’s greatest tragedy and retreats from life becoming a reclusive invalid. The success of her poetry turns her toward life again, and beckons the love of Robert Browning, a brilliant young poet. Illness, loss of faith and her tragic, oppressive father, Edward Moulton Barrett, stand in the way of destiny in this famous and most powerfully romantic love story of all time.” 'Sonnets from the Portuguese' was semifinalist in LA's 2016 CineStory Foundation fellowship competition.



BOOK: Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote her enduringly popular sequence of forty-four love sonnets, Sonnets from the Portuguese, as her relationship with Robert Browning deepened. Neri's book, POETS IN LOVE, thoroughly explores the writing of the love sonnets for readers, with annotations, illustrations, online content, related excerpts from Neri's screenplay, and relevant passages from Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning's legendary love letters.


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